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Friday Night Music

  • PLAYING: Jeffrey Michaels

  • WHEN: March 18th, 2022 - 5pm to 8pm.

  • PRICE: Free

  • RESERVATIONS: Call the Tasting Room - 775-600-7144

  • PLACE: Artesian Cellars Tasting Room or Patio (weather permitting)

  • INFO:

The inception of Jeffrey Michaels' sound echoes back to rural Pennsylvania.The geographical location provided multiple musical influences. He soaked-up his parents' love for the oldies, the Southern rock and country music of his surroundings, and the gospel and blues music of his idols.

Its no wonder Jeffrey's music cannot be put into a category, nor labeled by the current music scene. Characterized by powerful vocals that range from ethereal and haunting to raw and raucous, Jeffrey's innovative melodies and eclectic array of styles manage to bring together elements of roots, blues, rock & roll, and country to create a soulful and passionate sound unequaled by today's standards.

Years of touring with national acts have honed Jeffrey's stage skills to that of a consummate professional, while his natural charm and down to earth personality keep him accessible to his audience.