Saturday Night Special Concert - August 20

EVENT: Saturday Night Special featuring CAMERON DETTMAN

WHEN: August 20th - 7pm to 9pm.

PLACE: Artesian Cellars back patio with shade sails and misters

PRICE: Free - for the best possible service, a call with your tables headcount would be greatly appreciated. 775-600-7144

This Santa Barbara-born singer moved to Las Vegas when he was 5 years old. Listening to the sounds of his parent’s generation, Cameron Dettman absorbed musical tastes from the eras of bell bottoms, floral patterns, wah pedals & an abundance of male falsetto. His eclectic musical influences make for a truly unique style all his own. Taking the smooth sounds of 70’s soul legends and magically combining them with modern pop sounds like Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars, Dettman creates a beautiful representation of “old school meets new school”. Cameron also mines from influences of classic rock, country & blues.